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Here’s the truth about windshield repairs,

The truth is that most breaks on the windshield (including in front of the driver) that are less than the size of a half-dollar, can be permanently repaired.

While most auto glass companies repair less than 5% of the windshields they see, Star Glass repairs a whopping 52% — saving the companies we do business with.

If you’re not getting at least half of your windshields repaired instead of replaced right now; maybe your glass company isn’t interested in saving you money.

And our repairs last too. In fact, we’re so sure, we back every repair with a lifetime guarantee.

Star Glass guarantees that our windshield repairs will not crack further and will pass inspections in all States, for as long as you own the vehicle or we will refund the price of the original repair.

We Replace Auto Glass Too.

Now that I’ve told you how you can save thousands of dollars by repairing your windshields; the fact is there are some that just can’t be repaired.

Occasionally a rock chip ‘slips by’ and you don’t notice it until it’s too lateĀ and it spreads across the windshield. Now your only choice is to replace it.

The windshield is a very important part of the vehicles crash protection system, so it’s crucial to get the broken windshield replaced as soon as possible.

We try to repair first, replace only when necessary.

Star Auto Glass also replaces back and side windows so for all your auto glass needs call Star Auto Glass first!


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