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Welcome to Star Auto Glass

At Star Auto Glass, windshield repair, replacement and customer satisfaction is our business!


Are you paying too much for your Auto Glass? Not if you’re using Star Glass. We are Northwest Pennsylvania’s premier Auto Glass repair headquarters. If you are in need of windshield repair and/or replacement, we will provide the expert service that your vehicle needs. With prices that won’t break the bank, Star Glass should be your first call if you care about getting quality service.

We are so sure that you will be happy with our work that we back every repair with a lifetime guarantee.

Your vehicles are constantly on the road, logging above average miles, tooling down the highways on their way to their next stop when all of a sudden – WHAM! – A rock slams into the windshield. That afternoon your driver begrudgingly shows you the half-dollar sized ‘ding’ in the windshield. Last time that happened, you called your usual glass company, the installer came out, and an hour later stuck you with a bill for a new windshield.

I have a solution to your problem.

That last windshield should have been repaired instead of replaced.

Call and ask about our FREE Rock Chip Repair.

For over 25¬†years, my company, Star Glass, has saved companies just like yours thousands of dollars by repairing windshield ‘dings’ before they spread out. Don’t fall for the bait-n-switch schemes that some of my competitors might use to get your business. You call them up and tell them you’ve been ‘dinged’ and they’ll ask for all the vehicle information so they can bring out a new windshield “just in case” it can’t be repaired. Once they get there, they make up some excuse like, “it’s too large of a break” or “it’s on the drivers side of the windshield and we’re not allowed to do them on that side”. They go ahead and replace the windshield. Or maybe they do the repair and it turns out so bad that you go ahead and get the windshield replaced the next week.

If you want to avoid the hassle and get your windshield repaired at a lower cost instead of being fully replaced, contact us today by filling out the short form above or clicking here.

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